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Please Tell Us About Your Hometown Hero! Dr. Dominic Marino has always loved animals. When he was in elementary school, the future vet led several of his fellow students in a candle light ceremony to remember a neighborhood cat that had died. He once wrote a letter to the Town of Oyster Bay requesting an animal crossing on Washington Avenue, to prevent squirrels and other small animals from getting hit by cars. He also got into a fight with a boy who had abused a bird. Growing up in a home with three siblings and three collies, Dr. Marino got his love for animals from his mother and his interest in medicine from his father. On Sunday mornings he would often accompany his father, a pediatrician, as he made rounds. From an early age, he could see himself in a similar role – but he always knew he wanted to care for a different kind of patient. Today, Dr. Marino is the chief of staff at Long Island Veterinary Specialists and its Animal Emergency & Critical Care Center in Plainview.
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