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Posted By: Joe Satta · 8/29/2011 2:38:00 PM

That dynamo named Irene that churned up the coast and wreaked havoc with our lives and continues to do so, remains a major thorn in our side despite being hundreds of miles away. Being a radio announcer, your purpose is to inform & entertain, especially when our lives are turned upside down, be it by Mother Nature or a terrorist attack or anything in between.
While many other businesses tend to shut down and wait out the emergency, radio shifts into high gear with the latest updates to keep listeners aware, informed & much less likely to panic, not to mention adding some music & levity to a situation that could easily become all encompassing.
Hopefully, myself and Paul Richards were able to ease your concerns qand make it a little easier to make it through a weekend plagued by difficulties created by IRENE.
It's really a major reason why we both got into radio. It's when the adrenalin starts flowing and you get that extra burst of energy regardless of how many hours you've been on the air or how tired you are. We certainly hope we made a positive difference in your lives.