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How To Report A Power Outage to PSEG

With an impending winter storm, we want to make sure you stay connected with PSEG Long Island in the event you lose power.  There are a few ways to report an outage.

1. Call.  Call 800-490-0075 to report an outage or downed wire.

Here's what will happen:
Automatically creates a “job” in the system for restoring service.
Customers can request a call-back for more information if no restoration time is currently available.
During a major storm, such as a hurricane, the call-back may take 24-36 hours as outages are assessed and prioritized.

Remember, call volume can become very busy during storms and the automated, interactive system allows the company to accept thousands of calls at a time and get your information to the right people faster. There is no difference between reporting outages through automated system or by talking with a representative.

2. Text. Report an outage by texting "OUT" to 773454. 
You will receive confirmation that your outage has been submitted and will begin receiving ongoing updates as the status of your outage changes. Requires one time registration. To register text REG to 773454.

3. Online. You can report an outage via your wireless device through their website: OR you can click here