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15 Things Turning 30 This Year

If this list makes you feel 'old,' well...we apologize.

Here are 15 things that, believe it or not, turn 30 years old this year:

  • McDonalds' Chicken McNuggets
  • Microsoft Word
  • The Swatch watch
  • Plinko on "The Price Is Right"
  • The American Minivan (The Dodge Caravan debuted in 1983)
  • The StairMaster
  • The camcorder
  • The Disney Channel
  • The "A-Team"
  • "Reading Rainbow"
  • The debut album from 'Weird' Al Yankovic
  • The debut album from REM
  • "A Christmas Story"
  • "Star Wars VI: Return Of The Jedi"
  • Hooters restaurant

Source: Mental Floss