French florists showcase

French florists showcase


Jones Beach Field 10

Jones Beach Field 10, 585 Bay Pkwy,
Wantagh, NY , NY 11793 (Map)


Date & Time

11:00 AM – 12:00 PM

Every 14th through May 14

Cost: See event description


Welcome to the French florists showcase!

Once a month, starting on Valentine’s day 2023, until Valentine’s Day 2024, our vibrant French community of Long Beach will gather and showcase our skills as floral arrangers! France has a long history of bouquet creation going back centuries. Our community in and around Long Island comprises several professional florists who set up shop in America to share their art with their new community. Once a month, we will meet to learn new techniques and tips to make your bouquets or other floral arrangements truly outstanding. It’s also a chance for the French community and supporters of French culture to come together and celebrate flowers!