NY to increase vaccination availability as Monkeypox infections rise

NY to increase vaccination availability as Monkeypox infections rise

FILE - This 1997 image provided by U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention shows the right arm and torso of a patient, whose skin displayed a number of lesions due to what had been an active case of monkeypox. As health authorities in Europe and elsewhere roll out vaccines and drugs to stamp out the biggest monkeypox outbreak beyond Africa, in 2022, some doctors are acknowledging an ugly reality: The resources to slow the disease's spread have long been available, just not to the Africans who have dealt with it for decades. (CDC via AP, File)

East Farmingdale, NY- Reported cases of monkeypox infections have continued to rise globally as well as here in New York. Health Officials in New York State say as of Thursday there were a total of 86 confirmed monkeypox cases in the state. 78 of the monkeypox cases are located in New York City, five cases were found in Westchester County, one case in Rockland County and another two other cases further upstate.  According to the New York Times, Governor Kathy Hochul said Thursday that just over 8,000 dosages of a monkeypox vaccine are on the way to the state, of which, approximately 6,000 dosages will head to New York City. Monkeypox is spread through skin to skin contact also said to be airborne through droplets.

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Photo: (CDC via AP, File)

By Brett Levine