31 Alleged Long Island Bloods gang members indicted

31 Alleged Long Island Bloods gang members indicted

(SUFFOLK COUNTY, N.Y.) – Suffolk County District Attorney Raymond A. Tierney, together with law enforcement partners, today announced the 103-count indictment charging 31 alleged members and associates of the “Bloodhound Brim” Street Gang. This long-term investigation covered 34 separate incidents, including eighteen shootings, three armed robberies, three long-term conspiracies, including a conspiracy to commit murder, and the recovery of twelve loaded handguns used in thirteen shootings and armed robberies.

“This long-term, in-depth investigation is another example of exactly what I promised the people of Suffolk County. Unfortunately, the violence that these alleged gang members and associates inflicted upon our community ended up taking the life of Kimberly Midgette, a 44-year-old schoolteacher,” said District Attorney Tierney. “We will continue to prioritize our focus on gang violence using every law enforcement tool we possess and take a coordinated approach to ending violent gang activity. If you are committing violent crime in Suffolk County, we are coming for you. Thank you to the law enforcement professionals with our Task Force for working with us to bring this great result.”

The District Attorney’s Gang Violence Task Force consists of a team of Investigators, Analysts, and Assistant District Attorneys from the District Attorney’s Office, the Suffolk County Police Department, and the Suffolk County Sheriff’s Department who are assigned to investigate and prosecute gang violence. The Assistant District Attorneys are from the Violent Criminal Enterprises (“VCE”) Bureau, a bureau formed by District Attorney Tierney on January 1, 2022, to specifically focus on gun violence and other criminal activity perpetrated by gangs and criminal organizations operating in, and affecting, Suffolk County. The District Attorney’s Gang Violence Task Force, working in conjunction with the VCE Bureau, and law enforcement agencies throughout Long Island, uses every investigative strategy to build successful violent gang conspiracy cases against Suffolk County’s most violent offenders. These cases, like the one detailed herein, are designed to incapacitate these violent enterprises that endanger Suffolk County residents.

“Suffolk County’s law enforcement agencies are committed to working together to keep dangerous criminals off our streets. Suffolk Sheriff’s Office investigators were able to share valuable intelligence with the District Attorney’s Office and Suffolk County Police Department to help apprehend dozens of gang members,” said Suffolk County Sheriff Errol D. Toulon, Jr. “Their criminal acts spanned attempted murder, narcotics sales, grand larceny, and possession of illegal weapons. Thanks to the hard work of our Taskforce members, we are not only indicting these bad actors, but we are preventing deadly drugs and potential violence from entering our communities.”

“Kimberly Midgette was a beloved elementary school teacher who was senselessly shot and killed during a drive-by shooting as she sat in her car. Working with our law enforcement partners, we indicted defendant Oumar Barry – an alleged Bloodhound Brims member – for her murder,” said Nassau County District Attorney Anne T. Donnelly. “Gang prosecutions are extremely tough work. They require cooperation and seamless intelligence sharing between agencies. I thank District Attorney Ray Tierney for spearheading this investigation and helping to remove so many dangerous gang members from Long Island in this takedown.”

“Suffolk County is a safer place due to the coordinated efforts of this multi-agency operation,” said Suffolk County Police Acting Commissioner Robert Waring. “This takedown was a continuation of a long-term investigation targeting gang violence and we will continue to work together to target gangs and their illegal activities.”

“Today’s indictments of 31 defendants of the Bloodhound Brim Gang for conspiracy to commit murder, armed robberies, over a dozen shootings and other counts of conspiracy is a clear example of how a multitude of law enforcement agencies worked together to bring over 30 defendants to justice and recovered 12 firearms used to commit these violent crimes,” said Nassau County Police Commissioner Patrick Ryder. “I would like to congratulate all of the dedicated investigators and their agencies for their tireless work during this lengthy investigation. There is no doubt that our communities and streets will be safer as a result of these indictments.”

“I would like to thank the Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office for its tireless efforts to keep our residents safe by ridding our communities of gangs and criminals and the illegal weapons they possess,” said Riverhead Police Chief David Hegermiller. “Today’s arrests highlight law enforcement’s ability to reduce violence across all of Suffolk County when there is a common goal and interagency collaboration.”

“Today’s announcement is the result of continued collaboration between law enforcement agencies and should serve as a reminder that there is no place in our community for the pervasive violence exhibited by the Bloods street gang and its Bloodhound Brim associates,” said HSI New York Acting Special Agent in Charge Erin Keegan. “I commend HSI New York, and our law enforcement partners for once again demonstrating we will stop at nothing when it comes to protecting the residents of Suffolk County and Long Island as a whole.”

“I commend District Attorney Tierney for his commitment to focus on gang and gun violence,” said Vincent F. DeMarco, United States Marshal for the Eastern of New York. “Public safety in our communities is the goal of U.S. Marshals fugitive mission. We are committed to assisting our state and local partners to apprehend most violent individuals who commit the most violent crimes.”

“Too many people in our community are exploited or otherwise victimized by gang violence and criminal activity. We are aware that some of our newer residents are more vulnerable to becoming targets of this gang activity. We are here for you! District Attorney Ray Tierney’s tenacity and commitment to prosecute gang violence and gang criminal activity is a comfort to all of us in Law Enforcement whose mission it is to protect our community,” said Southampton Police Chief James Kiernan. “In partnership with each other all Suffolk law enforcement joins with the DA to continue investigations like this and send a clear message that gang activity will not be tolerated on the East End or anywhere in Suffolk County.”

The Investigation

According to the indictment, the defendants are allegedly members and associates of the Bloodhound Brim (“BHB”) Street Gang. The Bloodhound Brims are an established and organized subset of the nationwide Bloods gang, and a faction of the state-wide Bloods set known as the New York Blood Brim Army. The members of BHB adhere to a strict oath, commandments, rules, and hierarchy allegedly led by defendant LATIQUE JOHNSON, also known as “La Brim,” and communicated through local Long Island leaders, defendant JUSSIAH HERBERT, also known as “Lokko,” and defendant OUMAR BARRY, also known as “Dollo.”

In early 2022, District Attorney Investigators, Suffolk County Police Detectives, and members of the Riverhead Town Police Department and the Suffolk County Sherriff’s Office, began investigating a series of violent acts allegedly committed by members of BHB.

Working with Assistant District Attorneys of the VCE Bureau, over the course of the almost two years, investigators executed over 100 search warrants into residences, vehicles, and digital sources to gather evidence and intelligence about members and associates of BHB.

Working in collaboration with members of the Nassau County Police Department, Southampton Town Police Department, United States Department of Homeland Security, United States Marshals Service, and the Federal Bureau of Prisons, the investigation revealed the sprawling and extensive criminal conduct allegedly committed by members of BHB dating back to August 2021.

The BHB Gang

It is alleged that from August 2021 through February 2024, BHB members and their associates operated throughout Long Island, primarily centered in the Suffolk County communities of Bay Shore, Coram, Mastic and Riverhead. Members of BHB sought to establish geographical dominance by committing shootings and violence aimed at rival gang members and innocent civilians alike. This violence was allegedly orchestrated and ordered by high-ranking BHB members JOHNSON, HERBERT, and BARRY, and generally carried out by lower-ranking members who would receive approval or promotions within the gang upon completion of the violence.

The violence charged in the indictment dates back to August 2021 following the death of an alleged BHB member. Members of BHB allegedly set on a course of conduct to avenge this death and to establish a reputation on Long Island as the most violent and respected street gang within the community.

BHB members were ordered to not cooperate with law enforcement, contribute money to BHB and high-ranking BHB members, and to commit violent acts, specifically shootings against any individual or gang that disrespects BHB.

BHB members allegedly generated money through criminal activity, generally through armed robberies or narcotics sales. This money was allegedly distributed to high-ranking BHB members, including JOHNSON who was serving a federal prison sentence in Victorville, California.

Despite his incarceration, JOHNSON allegedly maintained communication, control, and dominance over BHB, as evidenced by over $31,000 in his Federal Bureau of Prisons account, funded by numerous payments from local BHB leaders.

The investigation culminated in a five-month grand jury presentation charging members and associates of BHB with three separate conspiracies, including conspiracies to commit murder, criminal possession of a weapon, and robbery. The indictment further charges 34 separate criminal incidents dating back to August 2021, including eighteen shootings, three armed robberies, narcotics sales, the grand larceny of two vehicles, and resulted in the recovery of twelve illegal firearms.

Some of the alleged incidents are detailed below:

Shooting of North Amityville Residence on August 23, 2021

In the early morning hours of August 23, 2021, after a prominent BHB Member was shot and killed, members of BHB from Nassau County and Suffolk County allegedly gathered at the residence of HERBERT. HERBERT allegedly ordered BHB members to travel to the residence of the suspected rival gang shooter. Approximately seven hours after the BHB member’s death, defendant JANELL JOHNSON and several other members of BHB, allegedly acting on HERBERT’s orders, traveled to the suspected shooter’s residence and JOHNSON fired seven shots into the residence. No one was injured in the shooting.

Two Shootings on January 12, 2022

On January 12, 2022, HERBERT allegedly ordered lower-ranking BHB members JOHNSON, KARIEM HARRELL, and RAYMOND VILLEGAS, to shoot at multiple rival gang residences. JOHNSON, HARRELL and VILLEGAS first travelled to the Brentwood residence of a high-ranking rival gang member, and then 30 minutes later to the Mastic residence of another high-ranking rival gang member. JOHNSON, HARRELL, and VILLEGAS allegedly fired two guns at both residences. A resident was present within the Mastic residence at the time of the shooting and was shot in the leg.

Four Shootings and the Recovery of Two Weapons from March 20-22, 2022

From March 20 through March 22, 2022, HERBERT allegedly ordered lower-ranking BHB members including CANNON and VILLEGAS to shoot at rival gang members, telling CANNON that these rival gang members cannot live on Long Island anymore. On March 20, 2022, CANNON and VILLEGAS, at HERBERT’s order, allegedly shot at the Central Islip residence of a high-ranking rival gang member. Approximately four hours later, on March 21, 2022, CANNON and VILLEGAS allegedly shot at the Bay Shore residence of another rival gang member. On March 22, 2022, JAYVONTE NASH allegedly ordered lower-ranking BHB members, including defendants OMARIAN FRANCIS and AMIS BONNER, to join CANNON and VILLEGAS. That same night, FRANCIS, BONNER, CANNON, and VILLEGAS allegedly shot at another Bay Shore residence of a rival gang member. CANNON and VILLEGAS then allegedly shot at a fourth Bay Shore residence later that same night. CANNON was promoted within the BHB ranks for organizing and committing these shootings.

Later, on March 22, 2022, members of the Suffolk County Police Department recovered two 9MM caliber pistols from VILLEGAS’ Coram residence. These firearms were microscopically examined and determined to be the same firearms used in the four shootings from March 20 through March 22, 2022. One of these firearms was also determined to be the firearm used in both shootings on January 12, 2022.

The Homicide of Kimberly Midgette on April 1, 2023

On March 31, 2023, BARRY, who was the alleged head of the Nassau County BHB, reached out to HERBERT, the alleged head of Suffolk County BHB. BARRY allegedly asked HERBERT to send lower ranking BHB members from Suffolk to Nassau, in order to commit a shooting for BARRY. BARRY had allegedly been in a prior dispute with rival gang members in Nassau County.

HERBERT then allegedly contacted defendant OCTAVIOUS ROSE who reached out to defendants JOEL BADGER and a juvenile[1] defendant. BADGER and the juvenile travelled to Nassau County with defendant REYMON RODRIGUEZ. On the night of April 1, 2023, BADGER, RODRIGUEZ, and the juvenile allegedly obtained a stolen vehicle and received a gun from BARRY. Once on Polk Street in Hempstead, they allegedly opened fire at a black sedan, striking Kimberly Midgette in the head, killing her, and striking another passenger in the arm. The evidence suggests that Midgette was not the intended victim of the shooting, but rather, the shooting was one of mistaken identity.

Following the shooting, HERBERT allegedly checked with BARRY to find out how his members “performed,” and BARRY said they did what they were supposed to do. HERBERT then promoted BADGER and a juvenile defendant within the gang.

Shooting of Brentwood Residence on April 15, 2023

On April 15, 2023, defendants ROSE, BADGER, JAVON HOLLIDAY, and ACOREY HOBBS travelled to a street in Brentwood where they believed a rival gang member lived. Once on the block, the defendants allegedly fired three guns at two residences. No one was injured in either residence.

Shooting and Armed Robbery on May 25, 2023

On May 25, 2023, defendant ISAIAH BEAUFORD allegedly lured a male victim to BEAUFORD’s residence under the guise that BEAUFORD wanted to purchase marijuana from the victim. When the victim arrived at BEAUFORD’s residence, BEAUFORD, defendant HORACE HIBBERT, and a juvenile defendant, allegedly entered the victim’s vehicle, and directed him to drive to a dead-end road. Once at the dead-end road, the defendants allegedly threatened to shoot the victim, and ordered him to give them money and marijuana. When the victim tried to escape his car, one of the defendants allegedly shot him once in the back at close range with a .45 caliber pistol.

The victim sustained gunshot injuries which required an extended hospital stay to treat. Following the alleged shooting and robbery, defendant SHANECKE TINCH, the mother of BEAUFORD, allegedly aided the alleged conspirators in their escape from the scene.

Shooting and Armed Robbery on July 7, 2023

It is further alleged that on July 7, 2023, defendant MARWAN GHANEM, at the direction of one of the juvenile defendants and higher-ranking BHB members, allegedly lured a 15-year-old female victim to the vicinity of a residence under the guise that GHANEM wanted to purchase marijuana from the victim. Once the 15-year-old arrived, GHANEM and another juvenile defendant allegedly demanded money and “weed” at gunpoint, and then the juvenile defendant allegedly shot the victim in the arm and stole a quantity of marijuana. This robbery and other crimes were allegedly done to prove the defendants’ worth to BHB as well as to provide funds to the “kitty,” which was paid up to higher-ranking BHB members.

Suffolk DA Ray Tierney on Feb. 15 announced the indictment of 31 alleged members of the Bloodhound Brims street gang, including six Riverhead residents. Photo: Suffolk County District Attorney handout.